Friday, January 13, 2017

Using LinkedIn to your advantage

Reposting an old post from the last blog.

------------------------ During a recent conversation with some friends, I discovered that not every professional uses LinkedIn to build and utilize an army of co-workers and associates to advertise how great we are.  These friends recently asked me for advice, so I thought I would share what knowledge I have.  I hope this helps.  I hope to hear back either way. First, find some good “mentors” to follow.  A few I recommend are Liz RyanBruce Kasanoff, or Saeed Al Muntafiq.  Your list may be different, but pick a few and read up on how others view the world, and the business’ we are in.  If you see something you like, or that you found particularly useful, re-post for your friends and associates to see. Next, try to add 5 people to your network each month.  Not random people.  Preferably people that have worked with you, and can speak to your strengths.  People who are in a similar industry as you, and challenge you.  As your network grows, you will see more posts, getting a wider array of views, and help more people with your posts from above. Look through your profile and make sure everything is spelled correctly, and is relevant to what you want to be known for.  Make sure your profile will make sense to those who are viewing it, and make sure it tells the story of your career, and highlights your abilities. When I first started on LinkedIn, my profile was little more than a digital business card.  I began spending a little time each month, pressing the “Improve your profile” button and researching and answering the questions.  I have added recent projects, awards, certifications, and volunteer experience to my profile.  To my surprise, I have found the recruiters, and HR representatives are interested in more than my work experience.  Since I began building my LinkedIn profile, I get a steady stream of visitors.  More even then I realized until a conversation with some friends. If you find this helpful, let me know.  I’ll continue providing tips and tricks as I come across them.  If there is something useful I know, I’m happy to share it. Enjoy your weekend! Rick

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